A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Use a Certified Roofing Consultant

August 29, 2017 - by admin - in Business, Roofing

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One of the biggest threats to the management of a building portfolio is water infiltration; a problem that is also the leading cause of construction litigation in North America. A challenge frequently connected to the most costly expense a building owner will most likely ever facilitate. And that process is roofing replacement.

Involving a certified roofing consultant not just in the development of maintenance roofing programs but also during the design phase when initiating a roofing replacement project, has the power to reduce costs while preventing future deficiencies. Deficiencies being issues that reduce the service life of a roof and have the potential to allow water to infiltrate the building structure.


More often than not, building owners will only turn to a certified roofing consultant once a problem has been observed.

For the consultant to solve the problem, all must source the cause that too many times is a result of design deficiencies or improper installation techniques. The bottom line is that the building owner needs to maximize the useful service life of the roof and have confidence that the roofing system is operating as intended.

To avoid such problems hiring a certified roofing consultant before the roof is installed ensures the design and specifications required for the roofing conditions of that facility are effective and in compliance. Application techniques are also monitored through daily inspections during installation as well.


By involving a certified roofing consultant, three critical advantages empower the building portfolio manager: 

#1: cost savings and maximization of the roof’s useful service life

• works solely for the building portfolio owner/manager and their benefit

• prevents deficiencies in design and workmanship 

• develops affordable maintenance programs to maximize useful service life

• limits facility downtime and reduces negative impacts to building occupant satisfaction

#2: value engineering by a certified roofing consultant 

• helps building owners maximize portfolio revenues through value engineering

• educates building owners on material substitution and alternative design methodologies

• ensures owner’s building objectives are not compromised

#3: strategic partnership that builds knowledge

• designation from the internationally acclaimed RCI, Roofing Consultant Institute

• maintains highest of standards specializing in roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall systems

• participates in an ongoing education to maintain designation and good standing

• cooperates with experts in the architectural and engineering industry

• helps improve standards and processes

More and more, architects are also utilizing certified roofing consultants in roofing design as well. As are manufacturers who will reduce manufacturer warranty fees when an installation is monitored by an approved consultant.

As a certified roofing consultant, I can provide a complete assessment as well as a forensic analysis. I also focus on effective design by building type, specification writing and installation oversight. Overall my advantage is to help building owners meet their goals and objectives in the long- and short-term. I have chosen this path, so I have a diverse bank of knowledge to help my clients address their varying challenges especially related to our geographical region.


Return on investment in the use of a certified roofing consultant means guarding against potential problems that can impact future time and expense; but also has the power to offer alternative savings as well in other areas. An effective roofing system not only maintains the integrity of the building envelope but will also help regulate energy costs as well. And of course, minimize facility downtime while maximizing building occupant satisfaction.

And that is why I say, a stitch in time saves nine…




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