The roofing assembly protects your building asset and most likely will be your most expensive replacement.

Therefore before planning such an endeavour, performance of a roofing assessment has the power to save asset owners time and money.


A roofing assessment will answer the following questions that should be asked and answered before consideration of roofing replacement:

  • Is the project a reaction to leaks?
  • Is the project in response to expired warranties?
  • Has roofing replacement vs roofing restoration been evaluated?
  • Is retrofitting the roof a viable option?
  • Will strategic repairs maintain compliance?

Roofing repairs, retrofits, replacement and maintenance programs for property managers and asset owners requires appropriate and cost-effective courses of action. The best methodology is to invest in a yearly evaluation program that assesses the roofing condition for capital planning and investment. This annual assessment helps extend the service life of the roof by managing repairs and maintenance programs to prevent deficiencies becoming major problems.

The roof is a necessary building element requiring care and attention. The roof has the potential to impact other building elements beyond itself when it is not operating as intended. Roofing structures have varying lengths of service life due to composition and are affected by external factors that are often beyond the asset owner’s control.

By properly assessing the actual condition of the roof and prioritizing its replacement or repair based on actual conditions, the asset owner can plan and invest in their property for maximum benefit and long-term sustainability. The sad truth is that the cause of most roofing failures is the absence of regular maintenance programs facilitated by annual assessments and inspections.


Who should perform an roofing assessment?

A neutral third party, not a contractor or product manufacturer, should be hired to provide an unbiased assessment.

A Registered Roofing Observer will perform a visual evaluation along with an infrared scan for wet insulation. Drawings with an opinion of probable cost table based on age, condition and needs outlining repairs, retrofits and replacement helps create an informed roof management plan designed to protect your investment, to reduce costs and extend your roof’s service life so you can proactively prepare for its eventual replacement.

Roof projects when ultimately undertaken require the attention to detail that ensures construction services beyond the lowest bid deliver a roofing assembly that acts as it was designed and intended. Valid product and installation warranties, as well as oversight of engineered drawings and building code compliance, are facilitated by a Registered Roofing Observer

Construction inspections along with project management along with writing of specifications and evaluation of bids by a Registered Roofing Observer also allows asset owners to obtain the best contractor(s) for their project. 


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