Construction and Maintenance Document Services

A “second set of eyes” does one of two things: it re-affirms a project as intact or locates missing elements. In construction the adage “measure twice, cut once” is a golden rule for saving money and time, and that is our core philosophy at Roof-Tek.

By reviewing client roof project documents, we can ensure that the criterion documented meets industry, manufacturer’s standards and code compliance.

The reality is that our industry is continuously evolving and that has an impact on the number of roofing systems available to the consumer making it difficult for asset owners to keep up with developing technology and knowing the optimum solution.

Design professionals looking at other building systems are also encouraged to reach out to Roof-Tek for a second opinion. At Roof-Tek we can review roof specifications and drawings to ensure the roofing application, detailing requirements, warrantability and overall design are consistent as well as code compliant.


Roof-Tek can take any roofing project from concept to design to specification to the preparation of bid documents; Roof-Tek is also able to assist selection of bidders as well as we only recommend quality-roofing contractors with roofing experience and known reputations that honour their work and protect the interest of building owners as well.

Roof-Tek demands the highest project execution quality as anything less undermines the budget and delivery of the roofing assembly that ultimately is in place to protect the building asset both in the exterior and interior along with its inhabitants.

We work closely with many roofing materials manufacturers in Canada and the US to ensure we have the latest information on materials as well as installation procedures. Materials and availability translate into being able to provide the best roofing solution for asset building owners, so they can make their best-educated decisions concerning their properties whether it be roofing repairs, retrofitting or complete replacement.


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