Forensic Investigations

The leading cause of construction litigation is due to moisture issues in the building envelope as a result of problems in the roofing assembly. Forensic roof investigations ascertain the source of damage along with fault as related to a roofing failure. Such investigations are completed on behalf of insurance companies as well as building asset owners.

Damage may happen at any time even shortly after initial installation of a new roofing system. Cause of the asset owner’s roofing issues needs to be ascertained by a qualified roofing consultant with forensic investigation experience.

In pinpointing the source of the moisture infiltration, a cause and origin loss analysis is completed utilizing destructive and non-destructive methodologies. Most often an infrared roof moisture survey is used as well. Collection of expert witness testimony in the examination process is also a critical element in the investigation as well.

The point of the forensic investigation is to provide precise, detailed information documenting the problems as well as providing recommended corrective actions to bring the asset back to its intended purpose, and of course, minimize loss and harm.



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