Green Roofing is Not Just a Pretty Face

As urban green space is becoming more and more compromised by urban development, green roofing offers an alternative that is becoming a popular solution for building owners. And Canada is one of the leading nations in the green roofing industry!

Sunlight and its UV rays have become a challenge for many building manufacturers who develop building components such as roofing materials. Consequently, sunlight has become harsher due to the thinning ozone layer causing roofing materials vulnerability in becoming brittle and more prone to cracking. Such problems create deficiencies and shorten the component service life. A green roof actually will extend the service life of a roof, and that means cost savings for building owners.

A green roof will resolve many of nature’s challenges to the building envelope and most specifically the existing roof. A green roof will:

  • Absorb rainwater
  • Extend roof service life
  • Absorb sunlight
  • Absorb outside noises decreasing sound inside
  • Regulate uniformity in interior temperatures
  • Keep interior temperatures down in the summer
  • Improve environmental air quality
  • Resist fire
  • Enhance solar panel installations by increasing efficiency in heat absorption, and
  • And increase the building aesthetically

A green roof does not have to be complicated in plant usage as seen below. This green roof uses low-maintenance plant material that is hardy to the sunlight and other weather elements. Such plant material helps to keep costs down while still extending this service life of the roof.


This ever-evolving concept of “greening a roof” has invigorated many experts to create low-cost and high-efficient technologies. Many such innovations are developed by Canadians, making Canada a leading proponent with many experts in green roofing. In fact, the Canadian government along with several provincial counterparts are promoting green roofing policy while providing incentives for green roofing installations.



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