Roof Repair & Replacement Design

Design and details executed for roof repair and replacement comply with all industry codes and regulations. These include the Roof Consultants Institute Inc. (RCI), NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association), Single Ply Roofing Industry (SPRI), Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Organization (SMACNA), the National Slate Association, as well as other industry organizations and manufacturers.

Microsoft Office, Adobe software and AutoCAD are utilized for all design projects. Roof-Tek also provides hard and soft-copies of specifications and design drawings as part of our standardized procedures as well.


Roof Drawings and Details

Roof-Tek roof plans are drawn to scale with all rooftop penetrations indicated, and roof drains located. Accuracy in roof plans is critical to ensuring best practices, budgeting and most efficient solutions.

Detailed drawings reflect industry standards relative to the chosen roof system. 

Unique Specifications

Roof-Tek guarantees every design project is properly specified to ensure code compliance, precision in budgeting and time respected during the construction phase.

Specifications are prepared to ensure documentation of all circumstances and requirements in client projects. This approach protects the building asset owner and the contractor as best as possible from unforeseen issues that can impact time and cost.

General management sections also include general administrative requirements including project time frames, insurance and bonding requirements, site and building limitations, payment stipulations, project close-out requirements et al. so there are no items forgotten, or issues left uncompleted.

A complete set of documents outlining the project logistics as well as the roof system requirements ensures the building asset owner can obtain also comparable bids. These comparable bids make it easier to ascertain the best company for the work required for the best value and time delivery available.


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