Roof-Tek Roofing System Databank

Many asset owners find themselves owning properties without historical information or documentation on past repairs, retrofits, replacements, inspections etc. By maintaining a documentation databank, Roof-Tek can advise the asset owner of their facility needs. These needs articulated over the year, the next five years and remaining roof life are for the purpose to extend the value of their investment.

An inspection survey of the facility roof(s), review of documents and plans along with witness interviews is completed. All information is then entered into our databank along with PDF copies of AutoCAD roof plans generated as well.


This tool is also part of our visual roof inspection program in which every building record is updated annually or biannually during an inspection. Reports are generated to provide levels of prioritization based on cost, feasibility and need to the asset owner and property manager providing information they need to make the best-educated decisions regarding the management of their roof.

By providing accurate and consistent information for asset-building owners to proactively plan and prepare anticipated expenditures, reactive measures are minimized.


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