Qualified Roofing Assessment

An unbiased assessment with only a commitment to the client delivers best recommendations on replacement, retrofitting or repair of the asset roof.

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Roofing Inspection Program

Regular roofing inspections flag deficiencies and defects before damage occurs saving money, extending service life while preserving the asset value.

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Infrared Moisture Survey

Non-destructive infrared and nuclear moisture surveys indicate sources of infiltration and moisture retention threatening the roofing assembly.

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Roofing Design & Planning

Roof-Tek plans are drawn to scale with accuracy in details to ensure best practices, code compliance, accurate budgeting and effective solutions.

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Green Roofing Technology

Green roofing systems help lower thermal costs and expand service life. Expertise in building structure, wind uplift and hydrology however are a must.

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Forensic Investigations

Insurance and construction litigation validated by forensic investigation ascertains source, damage and fault of the roofing problem and failure.

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Construction Inspections

Quality control inspections by a Registered Roofing Observer ensures code compliance protecting the asset saving time and money.

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